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Table 1 Retention (residualization) of bound SHAL by Raji cells.

From: Hexa-arginine enhanced uptake and residualization of selective high affinity ligands by Raji lymphoma cells

  pmoles SHAL Bound/106 cells Percent SHAL Retained
SHAL Unwashed Washed  
(DvLPBaPPP)2LLDo 0.568 ± 0.091 0.263 ± 0.000 46
(DvLPBaPPP)2LArg6AcLLDo 1.300 ± 0.038 0.876 ± 0.017 67
  1. Identical samples of cells used in experiments shown in Figure 2 were incubated as described in the Materials and Methods with 5.3 pmoles of 111In-labeled (DvLPBaPPP)2LLDo or (DvLPBaPPP)2LArg6AcLLDo and then washed two times with BSA/buffer. The cell pellets were then counted to provide estimates of SHAL remaining bound after washing.