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Table 1 Tumors induced by co-expression of zebrafish smoa1 and constitutively active human AKT1

From: Co-activation of hedgehog and AKT pathways promote tumorigenesis in zebrafish

Tumor location (cases) Fish age (weeks) GFP expression Elevated phospho-AKT1 Diagnoses
Trunk (4) 3 Yes ND Rhabdomyoma
  4 Yes Yes ND
  6 Yes ND ND
  12 Yes ND Rhabdomyoma
Eye (3) 4 Yes ND Ocular Melanoma
  12 Yes Yes Astrocytoma
  12 Yes ND Astrocytoma
Head (4) 6 Yes ND Glioblastoma
  6 Yes ND Glioblastoma
  8 Yes ND ND
  12 Yes ND Astrocytoma
Others (2) 4 Yes ND Myxoma
  8 Yes ND Spindle cell sarcoma
  1. *The tumors were found from 4 batches of injection involving 147 injected F2 fish that had survived beyond 2-week-old. Fish were observed for one and a half years, no other tumors were found in fish more than 3 months of age. ND: Not determined.