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Figure 8 | Molecular Cancer

Figure 8

From: Synergistic antitumor activity of oncolytic reovirus and chemotherapeutic agents in non-small cell lung cancer cells

Figure 8

Transmission electron micrographs of NCI-H23 cells treated with either paclitaxel (1 μM) or ReoT3D (MOI = 20) alone, or both in combination for 20 hours. Compared to untreated control (a), the increased number of paclitaxel-treated NCI-H23 cells were found to be enlarged and multinucleated (b), whereas the cells infected with ReoT3D (c and d) contained numerous viral particles, mostly in viral inclusion bodies, which appeared globular in shape (black arrows). In addition, ReoT3D-infected cells appeared to contain an increased number of mitochondria (white arrows). When the cells were exposed to the combination of ReoT3D and paclitaxel, there were increased numbers of mitotic cells (e) as well as apoptotic cells characterized by condensed chromatin, cytoplasmic shrinkage and vacuolation (f). The results from survey of 100 cells for each treatment group are summarized in Table 3. Scale bars: 2 μm for (a), (b), (c), (e) and (f), and 500 nm for (d).

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