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Figure 1

From: The tumor suppressor gene TRC8/RNF139 is disrupted by a constitutional balanced translocation t(8;22)(q24.13;q11.21) in a young girl with dysgerminoma

Figure 1

Immunohistochemical analysis of antigens in dysgerminoma. (A) normal Fallopian tube; (B-H) dysgerminoma. (A) intense TRC8 immunoperoxidase expression in control tissue. (B) negative immunoperoxidase TRC8 reaction in dysgerminoma; C, CD117 strong membrane staining in dysgerminoma; D, diffuse and intense VHL expression; E, FGFR cytoplasmic expression; F, diffuse and intense CAIX expression; G, HIF2alpha nuclear and cytoplasmic expression in sporadic cells; H, moderate lipid deposition detected by Oil Red O. Original magnification A-H ×100.

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