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Figure 3

From: The tumor suppressor gene TRC8/RNF139 is disrupted by a constitutional balanced translocation t(8;22)(q24.13;q11.21) in a young girl with dysgerminoma

Figure 3

Map of the translocated regions. (A) schematic of the genomic region rearranged on chromosome 8 showing the translocation breakpoint (black arrowhead), the BAC clones used to refine the cytogenetic characterization (colored bars), and the molecular localization of the breakpoint to an AT-rich simple repeat (light grey box) in intron 1 of the TRC8 gene. The position of the SacI restriction sites (S) and of the probe used for Southern analysis are indicated. (B), Southern blot showing SacI-cleaved fragments of the first intron containing the AT-rich repeat in the proband (P), her father (F), several normal controls (C1–3) and the BAC RP11-158K1 (Bac). Positions of the proband's alleles (arrows) and two molecular weight markers are shown. (C) Localization of the chromosome 22 breakpoint, contained within BAC RP11-562F10.

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