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Table 3 List of the imbalances found in the analysis of the Dysgerminoma.

From: The tumor suppressor gene TRC8/RNF139 is disrupted by a constitutional balanced translocation t(8;22)(q24.13;q11.21) in a young girl with dysgerminoma

Chr Chromosome Band Gain/Loss* Position Size (Mb) Notes
Chr 2 2p24.1 → 2q37.1 enh Chr2:24,134,000..233,241,000 209.10 mosaic 30%
Chr 2 2q37.1 → qtel enh Chr2:233,241,000..242,951,149 9.71 More copies
Chr 4 4q21.21 → qtel dim Chr4:80,599,000..191,273,063 110.70 mosaic 30%
Chr 8 8ptel → q24.13 enh Chr8:1..125,719,000 125.70  
Chr 8 8q24.13 → qtel enh Chr8:125,719,000..146,274,826 20.56 mosaic 30%
Chr 11 11p15.3 → 11q23.3 dim Chr11:11,570,000..119,487,000 107.90 mosaic 30%
Chr 11 11q23.3 → qtel dim Chr11:119,487,000..134,452,384 14.97  
Chr 12 12ptel → q23.1 enh Chr12:1..94,196,000 94.20 More copies
Chr 12 12q23.1 → qtel enh Chr12:94,196,000..132,349,534 38.15  
Chr 17 17q21.3 → qtel enh Chr17:38,922,000..78,774,742 39.85 mosaic 30%
  1. Regions interested by the deletions/duplications/triplications are reported together with their mapping position and cytogenetic bands (hg 17/Build 35, May 2004), The size of each imbalance is always related to the platform resolution having 100 kb average distribution of the clones along the genome. The size of the intervening regions is shown, although it should be considered that breakpoints may fall within a segment of 100 kb (average) proximal and distal to the starting and ending clones. * Enh = enhanced log2 ratio (gain); dim = diminished log2 ratio (loss).