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Figure 1

From: Increased OXPHOS activity precedes rise in glycolytic rate in H-RasV12/E1A transformed fibroblasts that develop a Warburg phenotype

Figure 1

Viability of Ras-LP and Ras-HP cells in standard culture conditions. Adherent and non-adherent cells were harvested after 72 hours in culture, stained using tryphan-blue, and counted. A: Data presented as percentages of total amount of cells. ***: p < 0.001 (n = 5). Ras-LP cultures contain relatively more detached cells in the medium, of which the majority is dead. B: Data presented in (A) in absolute counts (n = 5). ***: p < 0.001 (n = 5). Ras-HP cell cultures contain relatively and absolutely more viable cells.

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