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Table 1 Sequence variants detected in a NSCLC FFPE sample, TX49, by LCN-HRM.

From: Limited copy number - high resolution melting (LCN-HRM) enables the detection and identification by sequencing of low level mutations in cancer biopsies

Sample Position Base change Amino acid change Reported
TX49 c.2488 G>A p.D830N No
  c.2488 G>A p.D830N No
  c.2499 G>A p.L833L No
  c.2502 G>A p.V834V No
  c.2506 C>T p.R836C Yes
  c.2507 G>T p.R836L No
  c.2519 C>T p.A840V No
  c.2526 C>T p.N842N No
  c.2577 C>T p.A859A No
  c.2581 C>T p.L861L No
  c.2593 G>A p.E865K Yes
  c.2603 A>G p.E868G Yes
  c.2625+1 G>A - No