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Table 2 The sequence variants detected in TX86 by LCN-HRM using three different DNA polymerases.

From: Limited copy number - high resolution melting (LCN-HRM) enables the detection and identification by sequencing of low level mutations in cancer biopsies

Polymerase Position Base change Amino acid change Reported
c.2515 G>T p.A839S No
  c.2519 C>T p.A840V No
  c.2527 G>A p.V842I Yes
  c.2532 G>A p.L844L No
  c.2583 G>A p.L861L No
  c.2588 G>A p.G863D Yes
  c.2592 G>A p.A864A No
FastStart High Fidelity
c.2602 G>A p.E868K No
  c.2494 C>T p.R832C No
  c.2512 C>T p.L838L No
  c.2570 G>T p.G857V No
  c.2576 C>T p.A859V No
HotStar HiFidelity
c.2478 C>A p.N826K No
  c.2484 G>T p.L828F No
  c.2488 G>T p.D830Y No
  c.2492 G>A p.R831H Yes
  c.2494 C>T p.R832C No
  c.2508 C>A p.R836R SNP
  c.2508_2509 CG>TA p.R836R, p.D837N No
  c.2509 G>T p.D837Y No
  c.2515 G>A p.A839T Yes
  c.2517 A>G p.A839A No
  c.2522 G>T p.R841M No
  c.2530 C>A p.L844M No
  c.2543 C>A p.P848Q No
  c.2581 C>A p.L861M No
  c.2591 C>T p.A864V No
  c.2607 C>A p.Y869X No
  c.2622 C>A p.G874G No