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Figure 3

From: Hypomethylation and expression of BEX2, IGSF4 and TIMP3 indicative of MLL translocations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Figure 3

TSG methylation in primary AML samples. Methylation status was assessed by MSP for BEX2, IGSF4, TIMP3 and RARB in a panel of MLL wt and MLL mu AML patients. A) Representative results for BEX2 MSP are shown. Patients #1 - #17 carry MLL wt, patients #18 - #40 harbor MLL rearrangements (see Additional file 3). B) Summary of methylation data obtained by MSP in patients. Lower percentages of MLL mu patients than MLL wt patients show promoter hypermethylation of BEX2, IGSF4 and TIMP3 (see also Additional file 3). C) Note that methylation of two out of three TSG (BEX2, IGSF4, TIMP3) is more frequent in MLL wt patients than in MLL mu patients.

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