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Figure 4

From: Targeting EGFR with photodynamic therapy in combination with Erbitux enhances in vivo bladder tumor response

Figure 4

Immunofluorescence was performed to confirm the above results. In the confocal images, the green FITC fluorescence staining indicates the expression of EGFR. PDT and Erbitux (D) resulted in significant reduction of EGFR expression of 4-6% (EGFR score 1) compared to monotherapy (B: PDT and C: Erbitux) and control groups (A). Maximum EGFR tumor cell membrane staining of 21-24% (EGFR score 3) noticed in the untreated tumors. The monotherapy groups of PDT only and Erbitux only, exhibited 15-17% (EGFR score 2) and 11-13% (EGFR score 2) staining respectively. Magnification: 400×.

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