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Table 1 ICK-specific tag TCAACCTTAT in SAGE Data sets for Breast Tissuesa

From: The promoter for intestinal cell kinase is head-to-head with F-Box 9 and contains functional sites for TCF7L2 and FOXA factors

Data Setb Descriptionc Number, TCAACCTTAT SAGE Tagsd Data Set TCAACCTTAT, TAGS/Millione Data Set, Total Tags in SAGE Libraryf
GSM383793 Mammary gland, DCIS-4, High Grade, Comedo 10 165 60605
GSM383790 Mammary gland, IDC, Node+, Gr3, ER+, PR+ 8 119 67070
GSM383827 Metastasis to Node, from Primary Gr3, ER-, PR- 5 111 45087
GSM383796 Mammary gland, IDC-4 High Gr, Node-, ER-, erbB2-, p53+ 7 109 64095
GSM383794 Mammary gland, DCIS, High Grade, Comedo 4 93 43098
GSM383795 Mammary gland, IDC-3, Low Gr, Node-, ER+, erbB2-, p53- 5 73 68891
GSM383797 Breast CA, IDC-5, Low Grade, ER+, erbB2-, p53- 4 66 60451
GSM383789 Mammary gland, IDC, Node+, Gr3 ER-, PR-, 1 25 39364
GSM383828 Metastasis to Node, from Primary Gr3, ER+, PR+ 1 17 60343
GSM383824 Metastasis to Lung, Primary Gr3, ER+, PR-low, Her2- 0 N/A 49794
GSM383829 Mammary gland, Gestational Hyperplasia 1 16 61704
  1. a SAGE data sets for libraries from tissue.
  2. b Data set names provided by NCBI.
  3. c Notes from clinical annotation for source and pathology.
  4. d Absolute tag count for TCAACCTTAT in the data set.
  5. e TAGs per million non-linker tags.
  6. f Total tags.