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Table 1 Genomic aberrations and targeted genes observed in CLL patients resistant to fludarabine.

From: Determination of genes and microRNAs involved in the resistance to fludarabine in vivo in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Genomic aberrations Type of aberration Targeted gene(s)
idic(3q) Deletion 3p XPC, RAD18, PCAF
  Gain 3q BCL6, FAIM, p63
7q21, 7q36 1 Gain MDR family genes
idic(8q) Deletion 8p TNFRSF10 family genes
  Gain 8q MYC
9p24p21 2 Deletion JAK2, p16INK4, CDKN2B, SMARCA2
11q23 Deletion ATM
12p13.31p12 Deletion p27
13q14.2q14.3 Deletion DLEU genes, Rb, miR-15a, miR-16-1
15q15q26 Gain MGA, PML, BLM, cyclin B2, and 53BP1
idic(17q) Deletion 17p p53, MNT
  Gain 17q STAT3, SPOP, RAD51L3, RARA, RDM1
  1. 1 These aberrations were observed only in patient CLL-6R
  2. 2 This aberration was observed only in patient CLL-3R