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Figure 2

From: HOXB13 promotes androgen independent growth of LNCaP prostate cancer cells by the activation of E2F signaling

Figure 2

Expression of HOXB13 in hormone-refractory prostate cancers: A, HOXB13 was immunostained in both androgen-dependent (AD) and androgen-independent (AI) tumors. AI tumors were acquired through transurethral resection of the prostate. High-powered pictures are shown in inlets of some selected figures. B, Dot plot demonstration of HOXB13 scores from each of the AD and AI tumors. Expression of HOXB13 in each tumor was scored (0, absent; 1, weak; 2, intermediate; and 3, strong). C, scores of HOXB13 are shown in the bar graph. The p value was determined by Pearson's chi square statistics with a value of 11.2707. *. p = 0.0008.

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