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Figure 6

From: Arecoline induces HA22T/VGH hepatoma cells to undergo anoikis - involvement of STAT3 and RhoA activation

Figure 6

The RhoA inhibitor attenuates the effects of arecoline on STAT3, p190RhoGAP, and SHP2 in HA22T/VGH cells. Cells were left untreated or were treated with arecoline alone or arecoline plus C3 exoenzyme as in Fig. 5, then were harvested and proteins were extracted preparing for Western blotting for RhoA, phospho-Tyr705-STAT3 (STAT3-Tyr-p), phospho-Tyr (Tyr-p) p190RhoGAP, and phospho-Tyr (Tyr-p) SHP2, as described in the legend to Fig. 3. β-actin was used as the internal control. The values shown are the quantitative density analysis expressed as the relative density compared to that in untreated cells (control), taken as 100%. The results are expressed as the mean ± S.D. for three separate experiments. *: p < 0.05 as compared to the untreated control; #: p < 0.05 as compared to the arecoline (A100) treatment.

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