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Figure 1

From: VHZ is a novel centrosomal phosphatase associated with cell growth and human primary cancers

Figure 1

A: Characterization of VHZ mAb (clone #209). The mAb secreted by clone #209 hybridoma was extensively characterized. The property and its uses (folds of dilution for ascitic fluid) in various applications were summarized. WB: Western blot; IF: immunofluorescence; IHC: immunohistochemistry. (S Figure 1 for Elisa data) B: Endogenous VHZ was detected in cells transduced with vector control (lane 1), while increased levels of VHZ protein were observed in cells transduced with VHZ (lane 2) or VHZ-mut (lane 3) expressing construct. The exogenous VHZ and VHZ-mut have identical size to endogenous VHZ protein (land 1). C: VHZ promotes cell proliferation. Cell growth was assessed for MCF7 cells transduced with control vector, VHZ or VHZ-mut. The numbers of cell (×1000) were plotted over the time of culture.VHZ-expressing cells displayed enhanced growth as compared to control and VHZ-mut cells. D: Colony forming assay. 10,000 cells as indicated were plated onto 6-well plates and grown for 2 weeks. The cells were then stained and images were taken.Cells expressing VHZ displayed enhanced ability of colony formation as compared to control and VHZ-mut expressing cells.

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