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Figure 2

From: VHZ is a novel centrosomal phosphatase associated with cell growth and human primary cancers

Figure 2

Knockdown of VHZ in MCF7 cells inhibits G1/S transition. A, the expression levels of VHZ in MCF7 cells transduced with the control (lane 1) and various shRNAs (lanes 2-4) targeting different sites of VHZ mRNA were assessed by western blot. B, cell cycle analysis of MCF7-control and MCF7-VHZ-KD cells that have been stained for incorporated BrdU (with FITC anti-BrdU) and total DNA levels (with 7ADD). KD-215 and KD-216 cells showed significant reduction in the levels of BrdU incorporation. C, Comparison of the MCF7-control cells to MCF7-VHZ-KD cells in different cell cycle phases. KD-215 and KD-216 cells have significantly increased population of cells in G1 as well as concomitant decreased population of cells in S phase.

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