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Figure 3

From: VHZ is a novel centrosomal phosphatase associated with cell growth and human primary cancers

Figure 3

Exogenous and endogenous VHZ are localized in the centrosome and the cytoplasm. A. VHZ-EGFP was transfected into NRK cells and visualized in cells at various cell cycle stages: Interphase (a), Prophase (b), Metaphase (c), and Telophase (d). Pericentrin is labeled in red and nuclei are labeled with To-pro-3 iodide in blue (a'-d'). The images were merged as shown (a"-d"). Bar, 10 μm. B. Endogenous VHZ was detected in NRK (a-c, bar, 10 μm) cells by double staining with affinity-purified rabbit anti-VHZ (rAb) and mouse anti-γ-tubulin antibodies followed by anti-rabbit IgG conjugated with anti-rabbit-FITC (green) and anti-mouse IgG conjugated with anti-mouse-Texas Red. Endogenous VHZ was also detected in MCF10A and MCF-7 cells (d-f, bar, 20 μm and g-I, bar, 10 μm) by double staining with mouse anti-VHZ (mAb) and rabbit anti-pericentrin antibodies followed by anti-mouse IgG conjugated with anti-mouse-FITC (green) and anti-rabbit IgG conjugated with anti-rabbit-Texas Red.

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