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Figure 4

From: Reptin is required for the transcription of telomerase reverse transcriptase and over-expressed in gastric cancer

Figure 4

Reptin is over-expressed in primary gastric cancer. Immunohistochemistry was performed to determine Reptin expression. (A) Overall Reptin-positive cells in gastric cancer specimens and their matched normal tissues from 20 patients. (B) and (C) Representative of Reptin staining on normal and cancerous gastric tissues, respectively (Magnification × 400). Left panels: The enlarged areas of right panels in the rectangles. (D) Positive correlation between Reptin and hTERT mRNA levels in primary gastric tissues. The abundance of Reptin and hTERT mRNA in 20 normal and cancerous gastric tissues was assessed using rqPCR as described in Materials and methods.

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