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Figure 5

From: Anti-angiogenic SPARC peptides inhibit progression of neuroblastoma tumors

Figure 5

Inhibition of tumor-induced angiogenesis by peptides FSEN and FSEC in the animal model. For quantitative analysis of angiogenesis in the mouse xenografts, paraffin sections were stained with green CD31 and red SMA immunofluorescence. (A) Angiogenesis was quantified by calculating the area occupied by green CD31-positive endothelial cells and red SMA-positive pericytes. The quantity of tumor blood vessels was statistically significantly decreased in the SPARC peptide-treated xenografts compared to vehicle treated control (p < 0.001; marked with an asterisk). Treatment with the scrambled peptide did not affect angiogenesis in the xenografted tumors. (B) Representative photographs at ×100 magnification.

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