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Figure 1

From: Chemotherapeutic drugs sensitize human renal cell carcinoma cells to ABT-737 by a mechanism involving the Noxa-dependent inactivation of Mcl-1 or A1

Figure 1

Potent augmentation of ABT-737-killing by chemotherapeutic drugs.Cells from clear cell RCC lines 21, 30, 26A and Caci-2 were treated with 1 μM ABT-737, 100 nM vinblastine, 200 nM paclitaxel, 200 μM etoposide, 1 mM 5-FU or with the combination of ABT-737 plus chemotherapeutic drugs. Apoptosis was quantified by staining for activated caspase-3 at 24 h. Values represent the mean/SEM of at least three independent experiments. Note that ABT-737 on its own induced significant apoptosis in the RCC cell line Caci-2. The difference between ABT-737 alone and ABT-737 + 5-FU was not statistically significant (* P < 0.04, single treatment versus combination treatment).

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