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Figure 5

From: Chemotherapeutic drugs sensitize human renal cell carcinoma cells to ABT-737 by a mechanism involving the Noxa-dependent inactivation of Mcl-1 or A1

Figure 5

Noxa but not Bim or Puma is required for full synergism between ABT-737 and etoposide or vinblastine.Cells from the RCC cell line 26A (A) or 30 (B) were transfected with 20 nM of the indicated siRNAs (Bim, Puma, Noxa or control; in some experiments a second sequence targeting Bim and Puma has been included, #2). 48 h later, cells were treated with ABT-737 (1 μM) plus etoposide (200 μM) or vinblastine (100 nM) as indicated. Cell death was determined by propidium iodide staining 24 h later. Values are mean/SEM of at least three independent experiments (* P < 0.03; control siRNA versus Noxa siRNA).

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