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Figure 4

From: Breast carcinoma cells re-express E-cadherin during mesenchymal to epithelial reverting transition

Figure 4

Hepatocytes drive the re-expression of E-cadherin in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. A) Immunoblot of proteins lysates from MDA-MB-231/hepatocyte co-cultures using a human-specific antibody. B) Flow cytometry of the MDA-MB-231 population using a human-specific antibody shows a unimodal population on day 0 and a bimodal population on day 6. C) MDA-MB-231 cells do not express E-cadherin without hepatocytes. D) RT-PCR using human-specific primers of MDA-MB-231 cells after 6 days of co-culture with hepatocytes. Means (n = 4) ± s.d. Note that species-specific primers do not amplify E-cadherin or GAPDH from hepatocytes.

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