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Figure 6

From: TLX1 and NOTCH coregulate transcription in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells

Figure 6

Schematic summary of regulatory network controlling TLX1/NOTCH signature genes. NOTCH1 activates transcription of downstream transcriptional regulators MYC and HES. TLX1 augments MYC protein levels. HES represses transcription via interaction with TLE [4143]. TLX1 interacts with TLE to mediate repression and activation of transcription [49]. MYC binds TLE directly in vitro [45]. However, it is not known whether TLE is required for MYC repressor activity (indicated by "?"). We speculate that the genes coregulated by the TLX1/TLE/NOTCH/MYC network are critical for TLX1/NOTCH transforming function in T-ALL.

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