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Table 1 RNA expression of proteases and matrix components in response to longterm HERmrk stimulation.

From: MMP13 mediates cell cycle progression in melanocytes and melanoma cells: in vitro studies of migration and proliferation

gene ENSEMBL reference induction by HERmrk
Mmp1a ENSMUSG00000043089 +++
Mmp1b ENSMUSG00000041620 +++
Mmp3 ENSMUSG00000043613 +++
Mmp7 ENSMUSG00000018623 -
Mmp8 ENSMUSG00000005800 -
Mmp9 ENSMUSG00000017737 +
Mmp11 ENSMUSG00000000901 -
Mmp13 ENSMUSG00000050578 ++
Mmp14 ENSMUSG00000000957 -
Mmp15 ENSMUSG00000031790 -
Mmp16 ENSMUSG00000028226 -
Mmp24 ENSMUSG00000027612 -
Upa ENSMUSG00000021822 -
CatD ENSMUSG00000007891 -
CatL ENSMUSG00000021477 -
Col1 ENSMUSG00000001506 -
Col4 ENSMUSG00000031502 -
Lam ENSMUSG00000032796 -
Fn1 ENSMUSG00000026193 -
  1. The highest induction of Mmp1a, -1b, -3, -9 and -13 was seen at 8 h after EGF induction. The symbols given in the table refer to gene induction at this timepoint. +: induction 2-20-fold; ++: induction 20-100-fold; +++: induction >100-fold.
  2. Upa: urokinase plasminogen activator; CatD: cathepsin D; CatL: cathepsin L; Col1: collagen I; Col4: collagen IV, Lam: laminin; Fn1: fibronectin I.