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Figure 6

From: Cdk5 phosphorylates non-genotoxically overexpressed p53 following inhibition of PP2A to induce cell cycle arrest/apoptosis and inhibits tumor progression

Figure 6

Inhibition of Cdk5 activity reverses OA induced increase in p53 levels. (A) HTet23p53, HTet26p53 and HTet43GFP cells pretreated for 12 h with indicated concentrations of Cdk2/5 inhibitor or U0126 were treated with Dox in the presence or absence of OA, further incubated for 48 h and processed for western blotting with p53, Cdk5 and p35 antibodies. (B) HTet23p53 cells were treated as mentioned in (A) and processed for western blot for pCdk5 (Tyr15) and Cdk5 specific antibodies.

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