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Figure 9

From: Cdk5 phosphorylates non-genotoxically overexpressed p53 following inhibition of PP2A to induce cell cycle arrest/apoptosis and inhibits tumor progression

Figure 9

Activated p53 inhibits tumor-growth by transcriptional activation of its downstream pathways. (A) HTet23p53 (n = 12 mice) or HTet43GFP (n = 4 mice bearing 2 tumors each) were divided in two groups and one group was given water supplemented with Dox. After tumor size reached to 5-10 mm in diameter, OA was administered to all mice. Tumor-growth was measured weekly and average tumor volume was plotted (+S.E.). *Represents P < 0.05. (B) Tumor image and weight after mice were sacrificed. (C) Western blotting of p53 and bax and (D) RT-PCR for p53 was performed in HTet23p53 and HTet43GFP tumors samples from mice with or without access to Dox in the presence and absence of OA. β-actin loading control. (E) Tumors samples from mice given Dox with or without OA treatment were processed for ChIP assay. Input and eluted DNA was used for RT-PCR with p21 or bax promoter primers.

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