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Figure 2

From: Tetrathiomolybdate inhibits head and neck cancer metastasis by decreasing tumor cell motility, invasiveness and by promoting tumor cell anoikis

Figure 2

TM treatment significantly inhibits EC-Bcl-2 mediated HNSCC tumor metastasis. OSCC-3 and EC-Bcl-2 or EC-VC were mixed with 100 μl of Matrigel and injected in the flanks of SCID mice. Lungs from SCID mice were carefully removed on day 21. One half of each lung was fixed and paraffin embedded for immunohistochemical analysis. From the other half of the lung, tumor cells were harvested and selected by G418 treatment. A; representative gross lungs photomicrograph from different experimental groups. B; representative photomicrograph of lung sections from different experimental groups. C; Number of tumor cell colonies present in different groups. D; Number of tumor cell present in different groups. *, represents a significant difference (p < 0.05) as compared to the control group.

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