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Figure 2

From: Loss, mutation and deregulation of L3MBTL4 in breast cancers

Figure 2

Mutations of L3MBTL4 gene in 180 breast tumors and 47 breast cancer cell lines. (A) Examples of mutations in the L3MBTL4 gene. Sequence detects a c.368G>A mutation in exon 7 in T8584. Mutation c.1017C>G in exon 13 generates a stop codon in T8525. The absences of the corresponding mutation in paired normal tissues (N8584 and N8525) suggest that the mutations were acquired. Vertical arrows indicate the position of the mutation. (B) Representation of L3MBTL4 protein and localization of the mutations. For each tumor, mutations were identified by sequence analysis and translated on the L3MBTL4 protein (lozenges). Primers and conditions used are described in the Additional file 1, Table S2.

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