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Figure 6

From: Coordination of glioblastoma cell motility by PKCι

Figure 6

Effects of stable PKCι depletion on proliferation. A. Control cells or cells expressing pshPKCιA were plated at equal densities and viable cell numbers using trypan blue exclusion were counted at days 1, 2, 4 and 8 after plating. Left panel, U87MG cells; right panel, A172 cells. B. Representative example of a control and PKCι depleted U87MG cell undergoing mitosis. Still images from videomicroscopy are shown, with times indicated. A full video is shown in Supplementary video S2. C. Quantitation of the number of mitotic events observed during live cell image analysis (20 h) for control U87MG cells or pshPKCιA expressing cells. Data are the mean +/- SD of three independent live cell experiments for each cell line. Inset table indicates the number of normal mitotic events (total starting cell numbers from the three experiments in parentheses) and the number of abnormal, delayed mitotic events observed over the 20 h analysis for control and PKCι-depleted U87MG cells.

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