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Figure 8

From: Programmed cell death 4 loss increases tumor cell invasion and is regulated by miR-21 in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 8

The upper panel shows miR-21 expression levels following transfection with pre-miR21, PDCD4 and PDCD4-UTRmut, compared to controls: scramble miR and PCMV6 empty vector. miR-21 expression data are presented as Log10 fold change, compared to mock-transfected control. Data are plotted as mean ± SE and are representative of two separate experiments. The lower panel shows the Western blot analysis of PDCD4 protein levels for the different transfection conditions. PDCD4/β-Actin represents the ratio of the band intensity of PDCD4 compared to that of β-Actin, and is shown below each blot. Co-transfection of miR-21 with PDCD4, but not PDCD4-UTRmut, resulted in a decrease in PDCD4 protein expression.

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