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Table 1 Clinicopathological and genetic data of myxoid liposarcoma samples

From: Kinome profiling of myxoid liposarcoma reveals NF-kappaB-pathway kinase activity and Casein Kinase II inhibition as a potential treatment option

  Sample ID Type Gender Age P/R/M Location FUS/DDIT3 transcript size FUS/DDIT3 transcript type (COBRA) FISH
1 L1187 primary culture F 20 P left hamstrings 1033 bp X t(12;16)
2 L1357 primary culture M 50 P left hamstrings 654 bp I t(12;16)
3 L1434 primary culture F 43 P right hamstrings 654 bp I t(12;16)
4 L2187 primary culture F 42 P left thigh, subcutaneously 378 bp II N/A
5 402-91 cell line M unknown unknown unknown unknown N/A t(12;16)
6 1765-92 cell line unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown N/A t(12;16)
  1. Primary cultures of samples L1187, L1357, L1434 and L2187 were obtained from fresh tumors. Tumors L1187 and L1357 were high grade (> 5% round cell component), whereas L1434 and L2187 were low-grade (< 5% round cell component). These differences in grade however were not reflected in growth rate of the primary cultures (doubling times of primary cultures were all ~ 4 days; doubling times of cell lines ~ 2 days).