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Figure 5

From: The serine protease inhibitor serpinE2 is a novel target of ERK signaling involved in human colorectal tumorigenesis

Figure 5

Down-regulation of serpinE2 expression in human colorectal cancer cells inhibits tumor growth in nude mice. A and B- The growth of tumors (mm3) over time was measured after s.c. injection of 1 × 106 cells (HCT116: left panel; LoVo: right panel). The results represent the mean tumor volume obtained from two independent experiments in which at least five mice were injected for each cell line. Tumor volumes were determined by external measurement (V = (d2 × D)/2). Data are the means ± SE of five mice. *, significantly different from HCT116- or LoVo-shSerpinE2 (#16) cells at * p < 0.05.

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