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Table 1 Comparison of fold increase of RNA transcript between R2N1d and R2d cells by qPCR analysis

From: Increasing CD44+/CD24- tumor stem cells, and upregulation of COX-2 and HDAC6, as major functions of HER2 in breast tumorigenesis

Gene Name Symbol Description Up-/Down-Regulation
AACT/ACT SERPINA3 Serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 3 12.50
HER2/HER2 ERBB2 V-erb-b2 erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 2, neuro/glioblastoma derived oncogene homolog (avian) 6.38
ASBABP2/DIPLA1 PAPPA Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A, pappalysin 1 3.91
AIS/DHTR AR Androgen receptor (dihydrotestosterone receptor; testicular feminization; spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy; Kennedy disease) 3.50
TSP2 THBS2 Thrombospondin 2 3.30
CORNIFIN/GADD33 SPRR1B Small proline-rich protein 1B (cornifin) 3.14
COX-2/COX2 PTGS2 Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (prostaglandin G/H synthase and cyclooxygenase) 2.59
IBP2/IGF-BP53 IGFBP2 Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2, 36kDa 2.49
CD271/Gp80-LNGFR NGFR Nerve growth factor receptor (TNFR superfamily, member 16) 2.41
Cyclin A1 CCNA1 Cyclin A1 2.36
ARMD9/ASP C3 Complement component 3 2.22
BCEI/D21S21 TFF1 Trefoil factor 1 2.13
STC-2/STCRP STC2 Stanniocalcin 2 -2.21
BAG-1 BAG1 BCL2-associated athanogene -2.34
GIG8/ID2A ID2 Inhibitor of DNA binding 2, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein -2.48
DKFZp686A04236/HMG1 HMGB1 High-mobility group box 1 -2.54
CD49f/ITGA6B ITGA6 Integrin, alpha 6 -2.56
DKFZp686N23123/ER ESR1 Estrogen receptor 1 -2.64
Beta-NGF/HSAN5 NGF Nerve growth factor (beta polypeptide) -2.68
GIF/GIFB MT3 Metallothionein 3 -3.88
CBF-A/CBF-B NFYB Nuclear transcription factor Y, beta -4.04