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Figure 5

From: The antagonism between MCT-1 and p53 affects the tumorigenic outcomes

Figure 5

MCT-1 oncogenicity in p53-dependent and p53-independent manners. (A) Apoptotic results were analyzed with Annexin V staining. MCF-10A cells containing p53 (control and MCT-1) or silencing p53 (control-p53 and MCT-1p53) were exposed to H2O2 for 24 h. MCT-1 prevented cell death in a p53-dependent manner. (B) Apoptotic events were insignificant in p53 proficient cohorts (control and MCT-1) as cells treated with BLM for 24 h. At p53 reduced condition, ectopic MCT-1 decreased apoptotic effect (MCT-1-p53), contrasting with high apoptotic events in control group (control-p53). (C) Fluorimetric Cell Migration Array Kit was analyzed cell movement ability induced by p53 deficiency but unaffected by MCT-1 status. (D) The A549 (p53 wild-type) lung cancer cells expressed MCT-1 oncoprotein still demonstrated with higher tumor burdens than control xenografts. (E) Oncogenic MCT-1 slightly reduced p53 accumulation after etoposide (ETO) treatment.

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