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Figure 2

From: c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase-dependent upregulation of DR5 mediates cooperative induction of apoptosis by perifosine and TRAIL

Figure 2

Perifosine induces DR4 and DR5 expression ( A and B ) at the transcriptional level ( C and D ). A and B, The indicated cell lines were treated with the given concentrations of perifosine (PRFS) for 16 h. C, M4e cells were pre-treated with the given concentrations of Act D for 30 min and then co-treated with 10 μM perifosine for 8 h. After the aforementioned treatments, the cells were subjected to preparation of whole-cell protein lysates and subsequent detection of the indicated proteins using Western blot analysis. D, M4e cells were treated with indicated concentrations of perifosine for 7 h and then subjected to preparation of cellular total RNA and subsequent RT-PCR for detection of DR4, DR5, and GAPDH (internal loading control).

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