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Figure 6

From: The role of glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation in Mcl-1 and NOXA gene expression

Figure 6

JNK or CDK mediated GR phosphorylation occurs in a cell type dependent manner. CEM-C7-14 (A), CEM-C1-15 (B) and A549 (C) cells were cultured in DCC-treated media and incubated with dexamethasone (1 μM) (lanes 1-12), UV (lanes 5-8 and 13-15) and the SP600125 inhibitor (lanes 9-12) for the times indicated. Cells were treated with UV or JNK inhibitor and collected after 30 min in lanes 5 and 9, or after indicated time. Cells were lysed and total cell protein extracts were subjected to western blot analysis using the specific antibody 2F8 against total GR (T-GR), phosphorylated GR at S226 (S226) and S211 (S211), total JNK (T-JNK, JNK2/3 54 kDa and JNK1 46 kDa) and phosphorylated JNK (P-JNK). The bands indicated by arrow were taken into account for the quantification shown in the bottom of A, B and C. Actin was used as loading control.

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