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Table 1 Comparison of Wnt-11 protein expression and tumour stage

From: Wnt-11 promotes neuroendocrine-like differentiation, survival and migration of prostate cancer cells

Comparison (Wnt-11 --ve versus Wnt-11 +ve)

p value (Chi-squared test)

PSA < 10 ng/ml versus PSA > 10 ng/ml


Gleason 4 versus Gleason 3


Gleason 5 versus Gleason 4


Gleason sum 7 versus Gleason sum 6


Gleason sum >8 versus Gleason sum <8


PNI +ve versus PNI -ve


  1. Tumour samples from 117 patients were analysed. 77/117 (66%) of tumours contained Wnt-11-positive epithelial cells, 28/117 (24%) of tumours were strongly Wnt-11 positive and 4/4 bone metastases were Wnt-11 positive. Wnt-11 expression correlated with increased serum PSA but lower Gleason score. Statistical significance was determined using chi-squared test and results were considered significant for p < 0.05. PSA, prostate-specific antigen; PNI, perineural invasion.