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Table 1 Chemical shift assignments of specific metabolites

From: Ex-vivo HRMAS of adult brain tumours: metabolite quantification and assignment of tumour biomarkers

Metabolite Group Chemical Shift (ppm)
Asc CH 4.521
  CH 4.019
  CH2 3.752
Bet CH2 3.889
  N(CH3)3 3.271
GPE CH2 4.110
  CH2 3.959
  CH 3.882
  CH2 3.681
  CH2 3.278
His CH 3.961
  CH2 3.144
H-Tau CH2 3.344
  CH2 2.647
  1. This table shows the chemical shift assignments of selected metabolites that have not been previously reported in particular types of brain tumour. The assignments are referenced to the methyl resonance of Cr at 3.03 ppm. Generally, assignments were made with reference to CPMG and/or TOCSY spectra of 15 samples representing 5 different types of tumour. Assignments in bold are taken from the literature assignments [19, 33].