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Table 5 Post-HRMAS histopathological review of samples

From: Ex-vivo HRMAS of adult brain tumours: metabolite quantification and assignment of tumour biomarkers

Clinical diagnosis Number reviewed Matching histology Normal tissue Necrotic or damaged Mismatched histology
Ast. II 4 3 1 0  
Grade III 5 3 1 1 1 Ast. II
GBM 12 2 0 1 8 Ast. II
1 Grade III
Metastasis 8 6 1 0 1 Meningioma
Meng. 20 11 0 4 4 Glioma
1 Ependymoma
Lymphoma 3 3 0 0  
  1. This table summarises the histopathological diagnoses of the tumour samples that were fixed and stained. Tumours are grouped as ast. II (astrocytoma II), grade III (the grade III gliomas), meng. (meningioma), metastasis and lymphoma. The table counts those that had matching diagnoses clinically and in post-HRMAS review and gives details where there was a mismatch. Those that were extensively normal appearing brain tissue and those too necrotic or damaged for histopathological verification are counted for each tumour group.