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Table 6 Significant differences in metabolite concentration in binary comparisons between tumour type

From: Ex-vivo HRMAS of adult brain tumours: metabolite quantification and assignment of tumour biomarkers

Tumour type 1 Tumour type 2 Significantly higher concentration in tumour type 1 Significantly higher concentration in tumour type 2
lymphoma Astrocytoma II   
lymphoma Astrocytoma III   
lymphoma GBM Tau*  
lymphoma Metastasis h-Tau  
lymphoma Meningioma Cr* Ala**, Glu*, Gln**, Lac*
Astrocytoma II Astrocytoma III   
Astrocytoma II GBM m-Ins* Ala
Astrocytoma II Metastasis Gln*, m-Ins*, PE*
Astrocytoma II Meningioma Cr**, GPC**, His**, m-Ins**, s-Ins** Ala**, Glu*, GSH**, PE
Astrocytoma III GBM   
Astrocytoma III Metastasis h-Tau*  
Astrocytoma III Meningioma GPC*, m-Ins* GSH*, Lys
GBM Metastasis Cr, Gln*, Gly*, h-Tau*  
GBM Meningioma Asp, Cr**, GPC*, His*, m-Ins**, NAA*, s-Ins** Ala, Glu*, GSH**, Ile*, Tau, Val*
Metastasis Meningioma Cr* Ala**, Glu*, Gln**, Lac*
  1. A non-parametric Mann-Whitney-U test was used to compare for significant differences in metabolite concentrations between two general tumour types. This was repeated for all binary comparisons of the tumour groups with a significance level of p < 0.01. Significantly higher tumours are listed by abbreviation. Higher significance levels are indicated with asterisks * = p ≤ 0.005, ** = p ≤ 0.001.