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Figure 3

From: MicroRNA-184 inhibits neuroblastoma cell survival through targeting the serine/threonine kinase AKT2

Figure 3

(A) RT-qPCR analysis of miR-184 in four neuroblastoma cell lines. RNU66 was used as an endogenous control and expression levels are relative to SH-SY5Y, set as 1.0. AKT2 mRNA (B) and protein (C) levels in the same four neuroblastoma cell lines (SK-N-AS, SK-N-BE, Kelly, SH-SY5Y). Actin was used as an endogenous loading control for the western blot, while RPLPO was used as endogenous control for RT-qPCR, all values are relative to SK-N-AS. Note that AKT2 mRNA levels show an inverse relationship to the endogenous miR-184 levels.

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