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Table 3 Expression of selected genes affected by ectopic HOTAIR overexpression according to Gupta et al. [15], Kim et al. [18] and Li et al. [21] in comparison with microarray data from transfected bladder cancer cell lines

From: The long noncoding RNA HOTAIR has tissue and cell type-dependent effects on HOX gene expression and phenotype of urothelial cancer cells

  Gupta et al. mamma Kim et al. pancreas Kim et al. pancreas Li et al. esophagus Heubach et al. bladder Heubach et al. bladder
  MDA-MB-231 MiaPaCa2 Panc28 KYSE180 VM-CUB1 5637
JAM2 down down up down -- --
PCDH10 down down up down -- --
PCDHB5 down down up down down --
ABL2 up down up n.c. up down
SNAIL1 up up up (n.s.) down down down
LAMB3 up down n.c. down down --
LAMC2 up down down (n.s.) n.c. down down
GDF15 -- down n.s. up up up
IL29 -- down up n.c. -- --
IL28A -- down n.s. n.c. -- --
IL28B -- down up n.c. -- --
IFTM1 -- up n.s. -- -- --
OAS1 -- up n.s. up -- up
MX1 -- down n.s. up down up
  1. Abbreviations: n.s. not significant, −- not detected.