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Fig. 5

From: COSMC knockdown mediated aberrant O-glycosylation promotes oncogenic properties in pancreatic cancer

Fig. 5

Tn antigen and Nucleolin are frequently co-localized in PDAC patient specimens. a Tn antigen and Nucleolin expression in PDAC. Immunohistochemistry of patient-derived PDAC samples revealed a frequent co-expression (orange) of Tn antigen using VVL-mediated staining (green) and Nucleolin staining (red). Nuclei were detected with DAPI (blue). Pictures marked with + displayed a tumor specimen with strong co-expression, whereas the tumor probe marked with – showed weak co-expression b Kaplan-Meyer survival plot with 43 PDAC patients with strong and weak co-localization of VVL and Nucleolin staining (p = 0.037)

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