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Fig. 6

From: GLIPR1-ΔTM synergizes with docetaxel in cell death and suppresses resistance to docetaxel in prostate cancer cells

Fig. 6

Docetaxel GLIPR1-ΔΤΜ combination treatment inhibited growth and metastasis in VCaP orthotopic xenografts. a. Nude mice bearing VCaP xenografts were treated with docetaxel, GLIPR1-ΔΤΜ, or both. Combination treatment significantly decreased the IVIS signal (photons/s) than GLIPR1-ΔΤΜ alone did (p = 0.012) but docetaxel alone did not (p = 0.16). b. Combination treatment decreased significantly the wet weight of VCaP xenografts rather thad GLIPR1-ΔΤΜ alone (p = 0.0025) and docetaxel alone (p = 0.028) did. c. Mouse lymph node tissues were stained for cytokeratin 18 to evaluate the presence of metastatic VCaP cells. The combination of docetaxel and GLIPR1-ΔΤΜ resulted in a lower incidence of LN metastasis than control treatment did (p = 0.04), whereas single-agent treatments did not result in a significant reduction

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