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Table 1 Pathological associations of increased LIN28A/LIN28B and or of decreased let-7 expression in various cancer tissues

From: Aberrant regulation of the LIN28A/LIN28B and let-7 loop in human malignant tumors and its effects on the hallmarks of cancer

Origin Cancer type Ref. Pathological association
Endoderm Colon LIN28↑ [12, 74] Increased tumor progression and metastasis
  Let-7↓ [113, 114] Poor prognosis
  Lung LIN28↑ [12, 115] Increased proliferation
  Let-7↓ [116] Poor prognosis; increased cellular proliferation
  Hepatocellular carcinoma LIN28↑ [12, 117] Advanced-stage cancer
  Let-7↓ [118] Metastatic cancer; increased proliferation and migration
  Gastric adenocarcinoma LIN28↑ [119] Poor prognosis
   Let-7↓ [76] Increased invasion and metastasis
  Esophageal LIN28↑ [75] Increased proliferation and metastasis
  Pancreatic Let-7↓ [120] Increased proliferation
Mesoderm Cervical LIN28↑ [12]  
  Ovarian LIN28↑ [12, 121] High-grade cancer
  Let-7↓ [121, 122] High-grade cancer
  Germ cell tumor LIN28↑ [123] Poor prognosis
  Prostate LIN28↑ [124] Increased proliferation
  Let-7↓ [125] Increased proliferation
  Chronic myeloid leukemia LIN28↑ [12] Increased tumor progression
  Burkitt lymphoma Let-7↓ [126, 127] Increased proliferation
  Renal cell carcinoma Let-7↓ [128] Metastatic and high-grade cancer
Ectoderm Breast LIN28↑ [12, 55, 129] Increased tumor aggressiveness and proliferation
  Let-7↓ [81] Lymph node metastasis
  Oral squamous cell carcinoma LIN28↑ [90] Poor prognosis
  Glioma LIN28↑ [130] Increased proliferation
  Melanoma Let-7↓ [131] Increased invasion