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Fig. 2

From: The pseudokinase SgK223 promotes invasion of pancreatic ductal epithelial cells through JAK1/Stat3 signaling

Fig. 2

SgK223 overexpression in HPDE cells enhances cell migration and invasion. SgK223 alters the morphology of HPDE cells grown in monolayer. Light microscope images of HPDE cells containing either: (a) the vector-control; or (b) the SgK223-expression construct. c The relative percentage of elongated cells (cells with lengths double their width) in the vector-control and the SgK223-overexpression cell lines. Data represent mean and the standard error of mean (SEM). **indicates significance with a P-value < 0.005. d SgK223 does not affect the proliferation rates of HPDE cells grown in monolayer. The MTS assay was used to quantify the number of cells, over time. Graph shows the relative proliferation rates between the vector-control (black) and SgK223-overexpressing (grey) HPDE, cell lines. Data points represent mean and SEM at different time points. (E) Relative cell migration. Data are expressed relative to the vector control, which is arbitrarily set at 1.0. Bars represent SEM of three independent experiments, **indicates significance with a P-value < 0.005. f Relative cell invasion, data are represented as in (e). g Expression analysis on EMT-associated genes. The histogram indicates relative fold-difference in transcript levels of 6 genes with significant changes in expression in the SgK223-overexpressing, relative to the vector-control, cell line

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