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Fig. 7

From: The pseudokinase SgK223 promotes invasion of pancreatic ductal epithelial cells through JAK1/Stat3 signaling

Fig. 7

Promotion of cell migration and invasion by SgK223 is Stat3-dependent. a Inhibition of Stat3 activation using STATTIC. SgK223-overexpressing HPDE cells were treated with Stat3 inhibitor, STATTIC, at the indicated concentrations for 2 h prior to cell lysis. Cell lysates were then Western blotted as indicated. b-c Effect of STATTIC on cell migration and invasion. Treatment of SgK223-overexpressing cells with STATTIC (2.5 μM) reduced migration (b) and invasion (c) to levels comparable to that of untreated control cells. Cell migration and invasion are expressed relative to the value for untreated control HPDE cells, which is arbitrarily set at 1.0. Data represent the mean +/− SEM of three independent experiments. *indicates significance with a P-value < 0.05

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