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Table 1 Summary of 1p and MYCN status, CHD5 mRNA expression, and morphology change in response to 13-cis retinoic acid in NB cell lines

From: Retinoic acid-induced CHD5 upregulation and neuronal differentiation of neuroblastoma

Cell lines 1p status MYCN status CHD5 expression (WB or Q-PCR) TrkA expression (Q-PCR) Observed cell morphology changea
Pre-RA RA+ RA+
SY5Y No del NA + Neuronal differentiation
NGP Trans A - Neuronal differentiation
SK-N-DZ No del A - Differentiation/death
IMR5 Del A - No obvious change
LAN5 Del A - Cell death
SK-N-FI No del NA - No obvious change
NB69 Del NA + ND N- and S-type cells after RA treatment
SH-EP No del NA - ND S-type. No obvious change
  1. Del Deleted, No del Not deleted, Trans Translocated, A Amplified, NA Not amplified, RA Retinoic acid, ND Not done
  2. aAll cells were N-type and remained so except for SH-EP (S-type) and NB69 after RA treatment