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Fig. 4

From: Knockdown of NAT12/NAA30 reduces tumorigenic features of glioblastoma-initiating cells

Fig. 4

Functional effects of knockdown of NAT12/NAA30 in GIC cultures. a, Calorimetric XTT assay was used for the quantitative assessment of cell viability. Analysis demonstrated a significantly lower percentage of viable cells in the knockdown cultures KD1 and KD2 compared to the NS control. Error bars indicate standard deviation (n = 3). Asterisks signify p-values < 0.05. b, A sphere-forming assay was used to assess the ability of the GICs to form colonies. Sphere number was decreased by 50-71 % in the knockdown cultures compared to the NS control. Error bars indicate standard deviation of three independent experiments. Asterisks signify p-values < 0.05. c, Images of wells obtained from a sphere-forming experiment showing far less spheres in KD1 and KD2 than NS control. d, Kaplan-Meier survival plot demonstrates that control animals (NS) died much earlier than GIC cultures (KD1 and KD2) featuring NAT12/NAA30 knockdown. Median survival in days for each group is shown in the plot. e-f, GIC cultures featuring NAT12/NAA30 knockdown (KD1 and KD2) had decreased mitochondrial hypoxia tolerance. Error bars indicate standard deviation of more than 20 cells from at least four independent experiments (p-value < 0.01)

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